Thursday, January 21

Google’s “Who’s Down” social network tells you which friend is available

Google has made the Android platform, and it would never relent on making sure that the brand stays relevant. At least, according to what we have seen and would still be seeing from the Google Team.

In a bid to increase the functionality of your Android and lead you towards the best life with your smartphones, Google has launched an application (without much hype surrounding it, obviously) that would allow for users to either make themselves available to hang out with friends or check who’s available to hang out with.

Google's "Who's Down" social network tells you which friend is available Technology: General

This application which has been named “Who’s Down” would literally do what its name tells you – let you know who you can get down with per time. Who’s Down also sports an awesome feature that allows you know what type of activity a user is down for. This would help to eliminate confusion as you might see a friend who has announced his “Get Down” availability who might be looking to see a movie while you might be looking for a sporting partner.

The application contains a toggle that you can pull ON or OFF to determine whether you’re down for an activity. In the case of ON, the app leaves you for 3 hours on that status. There’s also a built-in functionality that allows you start a chat from in there.

Are you bored and want to know if your friends are down for an activity? Head to the Google Play Store now. Please be informed that you can only download and install if you get an invite, for now. So, good luck getting one.

Download Google Get Down
iTunes (iOS) | Play Store (Android)

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