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Happy Independence Day, Nigeria — from, with love

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Happy Independence Day, Nigeria -- from, with love Technology: General
Nigeria has about 174 million people living in the West African country. Image source:

Today, the 1st of October, marks another Independence Day celebration in the life of the citizens of the country and as of today, the country remembers 55 years since it gained its independence from its British colonial masters. The nation has weathered a lot of situations but ultimately come out strong. Beautiful in its diversity and unique regardless of the numerous tribal societies the nation boasts of, Nigeria has grown over the years into what it is today – the economic macho and political giant of Africa.

We at Somtoo celebrate with Nigeria today as they yet achieve another milestone in their lifetime. We also hope and look forward to much more technological breakthroughs from this country that has offered so much to develop the state of technology in Africa.

Nigerians, its your day. Sing the national anthem and have fun. Happy Independence Day Nigeria!

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