Sunday, September 27

Heroic: Mxit hands over intellectual property, other assets to charity

For those who came late to the technological scene, Mxit is just like another version of WhatsApp that we used to have then, which was based in Africa. Mxit was a largely successful social platform as it offered much more than just letting you chat. Mxit offered a wide range of other activities and benefits that kept people glued to the platform, even moreso that it reached a hundred million active subscribers. However, a decline started to hit the social media platform after a while which saw a dastardly and drastic reduction in the number of active users left.

Recently though, the Mxit team has announced that all of the resources that has been pumped into the running of the Mxit platform as well as the intellectual property involved would all be donated to The Reach Trust which is an independent organization having the benefit of the public at heart.

The Reach Trust programme has been run on the Mxit platform for a while now and even though there has been decline in the followership of MXit itself, The Reach Trust still enjoys a very decent patronage. What this trust does it to try to benefit the lives of citizens through educational wares online and mobile phone counseling, among other things.

The Reach Trust which was launched in the year 2012 has assisted an excess of 10 million people till date.

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