Hostgator Review

Hostgator, being one of the best hosting proivders on the internet today, is my NUMBER ONE choice when it comes to web hosting.
With more than 8 years of experience in webhosting, trusted by over 300,000 customers with over 5 million domains, Hostgator is definitely second to none in hosting the business.
Hostgator Review Technology: General    Hostgator webhosting gives a truely unlimited bandwidth and storage in both their Baby Plan and Business Plans. For customers like me who need just a reliable web host to trust for couple of blogs, a forum and a few more websites, the Baby Plan is the prefered option.

Hostgator Review Technology: General
The other plan I haven’t mentioned is the Hatchling Plan, though good and unlimited like the other two I mentioned, the Hatchling Plan allows ONLY one domain per account and I don’t encourage anyone to go for the Hatchling Plan even though it’s lot more cheaper than the other two.


The prices for Hostgator web hosting are relatively cheap compared to the high quality of services they offer.

Plan Price For 1month Price For 1year
Hatchling $8.95 $83.4
Baby $9.95 $119.4
Business $14.95 $179.4

Even at this, using a special Hostgator coupon code can still get you discounts on any Hostgator plan.
Hostgator allows customers to make payments via Paypal or Credit Cards.


Using the coupon code HOSTGATOR001PROMO will get you the first month free($0.01) applicable to all three hosting plans.
The coupon THEBESTCHEAPHOSTING will cut the prices on your reciept by 25%. These coupons are active vey nuch active.


Hostgator web hosting is powered by the most popular control panel — Cpanel™ — equiped with auto installers such as Fantastico™ and QuickInstall™ which enables you to install popular scripts like WordPress, Simple Machines Forum, Joomla, Drupal, PHPBB, MYBB, etc all in the click of a button!
Hostgator provides e-mail forwarding, sub domain, visitor analysis, frequent backup, FTP and filemanagers, PHPmyadmin, IP deny manager, free website templates plus many more.


Hostgator supports PHP, CGI, MSQL, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Ruby Gems, etc.
But wait, you don’t have to get your feet wet! Whether you are a noob or geek or anything, you can use the QuickInstaller or Fantastico to ‘create’ your website in 5 seconds.


Hostgator Review Technology: General    Hostgator does take security very seriously. A friend of mine once told of how an eagle-eyed Hostgator staff saved his site from hacking due to some venurable files he left on his site.
Hostgator usually verfies new accounts before approval, reducing internet crime.


This Hostagator review I wrote was a one time answer to all questions directed my way by friends and blog readers:
Who is the best hosting provider?
Which hosting is truely unlimited?
Which hosting provides 100% server uptime?
Which hosting runs the fastest servers, loading my website’s pages fast?
If you are also asking the same questions, your perfect answer might be Hostgator.

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