How To Add Categories And Favicon To Mobilepress

In my last post on Mobilepress, I wrote how to insert adsense, addynamo, inmobi, etc. ad code in mobilepress for mobile traffic monetization.
Since then, many readers have been asking me how I added categories in my blog’s mobile view(powered by mobilepress plugin).
Now, before I continue lemme quickly say this to copycats:
I spent 2hours writing this ‘simple’ post. I will report to Google first and then to your hosting provider if I find out you copied this post without proper permission from me. Thanks for reading this empty threat.

Now, back to the post.

How To Insert Categories On Mobilepress

1. Access your WordPress files via your hosting control panel’s filemanager or FTP.
2. Navigate to wp-content>plugins>mobilepress>system>themes>default (wp-content/plugins/mobilepress/system/themes/default).
3. Open and edit the header.php file. On the last line of the file, paste this code:

<div class=”category” style=”text-align:center”>
$div=’ | ‘;
$somtoocategories=preg_replace(‘|<li (.*?)>|is’,$div,$somtoocategories);
echo $somtoocategories;?>

The categories should be showing at the top of your mobile site.
To show categories at homepage, paste the code inside the index.php, or footer.php to show at the footer.

How To Insert Favicon In Mobilepress

Favicon is the small icon you see beside the title of a website when you bookmark it or beside the URL in title bar. Check the favicon of this site, you should see an icon ‘S’, yeah thats what is favicon.
To insert favicon in a website, not just mobilepress you have to generate a .ico image first.
Go to, upload a normal image and click ‘Create Favicon’. Download processed favicon.

Now to insert the favicon into your wordpress mobilepress view.
Rename the icon to favicon.ico, upload it to ‘public_html’ via your site’s file manager.
Navigate to wp-content>plugins>mobilepress>system>themes>default (wp-content/plugins/mobilepress/system/themes/default).
Open and edit header.php file.
Look for <head> tag. Under <head> paste <link target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href=”” rel=”icon” type=”image/x-icon”/>.
Remember to replace with the domain name of your wordpress blog.

How To Add Categories And Favicon To Mobilepress Simple Tutorials Technology: General
That’s it, you have a favicon for your mobilepress, and more importantly, a more professional looking blog.

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