Wednesday, September 30

How to apply for YouWin program in Nigeria

YouWin (Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria) is a youth empowerment initiative introduced by the federal government of Nigeria in order to blossom young entrepreneurs and create job opportunity in the country.
Application for the YouWin program is free of charge and “awardees” can get a free grant up to the tune of 10 million naira to kick-start a new business or boost their existing ones.

Intending participants are to submit   their real business ideas to the program for screening after which the successful candidates are called upon for interview and eventually paid the free grants.

To apply for YouWin, you must have the following:

  • A working e-mail address
  • A business idea or existing business
  • You must be a Nigerian
  • You must be within the 18 to 45 age bracket

To start the progress of the application, head over to and hit the Apply Now button already. Click on the registration button and fill in the form appropriately. Make sure your details are correct while doing this.

After you hit the submit button, head over to your e-mail address to check for your password. Now, follow the link inside the e-mail sent by the YouWin Admin Team to login to your account.

Once you are inside your account, you should see the green Start Application button on the top right coner of the page. Access the link to see the forms. Now, inside here, it’s better to click the Save Button at the end of the screen every few minutes to avoid had-I-known and stories-that-touch issues.

Now, that’s it. Submit your idea/proposal, sit back, relax and forget about the whole thing (to avoid high expectations and disappointments) until you are eventually called upon. Check your e-mail regularly and look out for announcements on radio, TV and newspapers.


Still sitting on the fence? Want to learn how it works? Want to know more on What YouWin is really about and how it came to be? Watch the video below:


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