Monday, November 30

How To Back Up Your iPhone Data On iCloud

Backing up your device will save you so much stress in cases when you need to change device or in a worst possible scenario, when your Apple device gets stolen or spoils completely.

There are a few ways to back up your phone data which includes the use of iCloud which is a cloud storage facility provided for Apple users or using iTunes.

However, we will be tackling the use of iCloud as a backup medium in this article as it is the best medium in case your PC or Mac is not readily accessible.

The iCloud offers free 5GB of cloud storage memory for users which can be further expanded upon subscription as $1 affords you up to 50GB of storage size which should be enough for your photos and other media.

To back up your device on the cloud, access the settings icon on your phone and tap your name on the right top corner of the screen.

From there, access the iCloud and tap on the iCloud Backup option.

Tap the button next to Backup icon to toggle the option on (denoted by green).

From this point, you can manually initiate the backup by tapping on Backup Now option.

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