Saturday, September 26

How to Check Your Data Balance/Status/Expiry on MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat

Do you ever feel the need to know how much data is remaining in your Internet subscription? Or maybe you’d like to check exactly when your plan will expire? We’ll treat all that here.

Checking MTN Data status/balance

  • Check MTN Mobile data plan: Text 2 to 131
  • Check MTB BIS subscription: Text Status to 21600
  • Check MTN SME Data: Dial *691*7# or text sharebalance to 131
  • Check MTN Goodybag: Text 403 to 131

Checking Glo Data status/balance

  • Check Glo data plan: Text Info to 127
  • Check Glo BIS subscription: Text Status to 777

Checking Airtel Data status/balance

  • Check Airtel mobile data: Dial *141*11*0# or *123*10# or dial *141*712*0#
  • Check Airtel BIS: Text Status to 440 or dial *123*9#

Checking Etisalat Data status/balance

  • Check Etisalat data balance: Text Bal to 228 or dial *228#
  • Check Etisalat BIS: DialĀ *228#


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