Sunday, September 20

How to completely logout of your Facebook application

Facebook has done a lot of good things for us over the years, and for that, we must be grateful. Helping to connect to long-lost friends, family and other contacts, linking people across various barriers of language, sex, age, religion and ethnicity, the list goes on.

Down to business now since most of us know what Facebook is and its relevance. Most of us also have the Facebook application on our smartphones for seamless use. This is where today’s topic comes in.

Android users might. Have had the experience where they would finish a session on Facebook and then, just when they feel like logging out, they search endlessly for the logout button and never find it. Whenever this happens, don’t feel incompetent in your use of Facebook apps or launch the web to search for where the logout button is because the bad news is this – there is none.

Given that, you still have the mind to logout of your Facebook account, but how to do so?

Simply access the Settings tab on your device and look for the Applications settings. Go to “Manage Applications” and then check your Facebook app. Click on “Clear Data” which would clear all the data that you’ve accumulated on the application via usage.

This would ensure that any other time when you wish to enter the app, it treats you like a new user as you’ve wiped any “memory” the application had of your previous presence.

This method is not applicable to only Facebook but to every other application that wouldn’t allow you logout either.

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