Monday, November 30

How to discover useful apps on Google Play and Apple Store

My lovely readers, it’s good to be here for you again as usual I’am always excited as a writer having my able hand writing to a vast audience on how to make various aspect of their life better and I must also say thanks for always being there to read. Because of you I will keep writing.

Today I’ll be going deeper into the application aspect of Technology in our society today. The birth of smart phones and Android devices as giving birth to the emerge of so many Applications serving different purposes and these apps are in hundreds of thousands if not in millions!

Smartphone users love to download and get various apps at regular interval which is not bad, after all the apps are meant for your use asĀ  well. But there are somethings any people are getting wrong today and that is exactly what I will be sharing here right now!

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I downloading apps?” Are they really useful? Are the really helpful? How have these apps bettered my life? These are some personal questions that will help you determine if what you are doing is helping your life or wasting your time.

I remember marketing one of my friends’ UTME app to Jamb candidates last year. After the exam majority of the students were so grateful become the app was highly flexible and easy to use. It makes preparing for exams much more easier for the students.

This simply meant that the time spent downloading and utilizing this app was never a waste. This is what apps should do and if they are doing anything contrary then you need to watch out!

So, how to you determine useful new apps in an ecosystem of competitive and numerous apps ?

Seriously it can be hectic. Many people judge by the number of downloads. That could be right sometimes, but on many occasions it’s very wrong!

The apps with highest number of downloads is not always really the most useful useful.. You will agree with me that the best way to figure out useful apps is how often their respective developers upgrade and work on them.

If you ever notice, plafroms like Windows and WordPress are always upgraded ioth increased functionality of products and softwares the same is applicable to apps on Google play and Apple store.

Indeed they are numerous but after searching for which ever app you are looking for, there use to a lot of them but i strongly recommend that you download those that their developers still have their users in mind. These ones will give you 100% maximum benefits as the developers are committed to improving your experience and usage of such apps.

Now you know the way to go through getting things done with the right motive. There you have it! Whats your take on this? Let me hear via the comment box below.

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