Sunday, January 17

How to easily upgrade your Infinix to Android Lollipop

Infinix has always tried all its best to please their customers across their various phone models that they have at hand already. This has made sure that they release updates as fast as possible to fix any possible problems that might arise from the use of these phones due to a negligence on the part of the manufacturers themselves. Also, Infinix has started to roll out Android Lollipop updates to some of its device to give its users a taste of the good Lollipop life. However, this might be stressful for some.

Upgrading your phone from one OS to another like Lollipop would require download of the update package and flashing of the phone. While this is a pretty straightforward step, some of the non-tech oriented people would find this hard and even risk damaging the device in the process. Infinix has taken these people into consideration now and made provisions for them to walk in to Customer service stores and get their phones upgraded.

This means that if your upgrade is available already but you have no idea of how to even go about it, approach the nearest CarlCare store in your vicinity and the customer care representatives over there would help you get your phone up to the latest software version available for it.

This option is available for users of the Infinix Hot Note, Hot Note Pro, Infinix Zero and Infinix Zero 2. Infinix has made provision for zero charge to be applied to you for your service.

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