How to Enable Screen Recording on iOS 11


One of the more interesting albeit less talked-about features in iOS 11 is the fact that it finally allows for screen recording. In previous versions of iOS it wasn’t possible to directly record videos from the screen of the device, and if you wanted to do so you’d have to jailbreak the device. As a result many people used to employ other workarounds, and record their screens via computers, video capture devices, and so on.

That is no longer the case in iOS 11 however, as it has a built-in screen recorder that can be added to the new Control Center, and then enabled at any time. To add screen recording to the Control Center, you just have to open up the Settings in iOS 11, select Control Center, then scroll down the list that is there and add Screen Recording.

Once screen recording has been added, you can open the Control Center at any time by swiping upwards from the bottom of the screen. When you do you’ll see a Screen Recording button that you can tap to immediately begin to record what is on your screen. Alternatively you can 3D Touch the button to bring up the settings for screen recording, which will allow you to enable audio recording via the microphone as well.

It is worth noting that when you do use screen recording on iOS 11, it will invariably record the first and last few seconds when you access the Control Center and enable or disable the recording. As such you may want to trim the video footage that you record using the Photos app or some other video editor and get rid of those parts. Additionally if you’re worried about interference from notifications, you could switch your device to Airplane mode – or edit them out later too.

Of course this method of recording the screen of iOS devices is only available in iOS 11 – so older devices that aren’t able to update will not be able to use it. On top of that it is a very basic in terms of functionality, which is why if you want something that is more universal and versatile you should look into using Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac instead.

Essentially you can use Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac as an iOS screen recorder by simply connecting your device to your Mac using the standard lightning-to-USB cable. Once you do it will be a piece of cake to start recording, and you can adjust the parameters according to your needs so you capture the exact footage you require.

More importantly Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac has its own built-in editor that you can use to improve the footage when you’re done, cut and join video segments, apply special effects, add audio tracks, and much more. Assuming you want to create high quality videos that look professional, its tools will give you precisely what you need and ensure that your videos look great.

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