Thursday, April 15

How to get Whatsapp Dark mode in Android and IOS

As we all know, dark mode reduces the strain on users eyes, it helps the eyes not to be  stressed out by the much light coming from the screen.

Some users  have been  longing to get whatsapp Dark mode because the average time spent on whatsapp  is relatively more than other apps.

This guide however,can help you get whatsapp Dark mode.

Steps on how to get Whatsapp dark mode in Android smartphones

  • Go to Settings option and turn on Developers option (if your phone is running Android 10)


  • Go to ‘setting’,then to ‘About phone’ and tap seven times on ‘Build number’ until you  see a message saying “You are now a Developer”


  • Now, head to Developer option and look for the option ‘Override force-dark’ and turn on the toggle.


  • Restart Whatspp, then  a dark theme will be applied to Whatsapp.


Also, if you are running a smartphone that offers system-wide dark mode such as ColorOs, then head to Dark mode settings and turn on the system-wide dark mode option

Steps on how to get Whatsapp dark mode in  IOS

  • Go to ‘settings’, and click at ‘accessibility’


  • Head to ‘Display & Text size’


  • Head to ‘smart Invert’ and turn the toggle on.


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