Thursday, April 15

How to install GB Whatsapp on your smartphone

How to install GB Whatsapp on your smartphone Simple Tutorials  Whatsapp social media smartphone GB Whatsapp chat Android  By now you must have heard of GB Whatsapp, a non-officially-made mod of Whatsapp that gets you more privacy and more features to your Whatsapp social media life.

Despite its ease-of-use and more added features, users have been warned to stay off of GB Whatsapp by Facebook, the parent company that owns Whatapp social networking app.

However, if you’re still going to install GB Whatsapp on your Android smartphone, here’s how. First, GB Whatsapp is not available on Google Play Store. You can only install it by downloading the apk file.

  1. Go to your settings and set installation from unknown sources to “On”, “Allowed”, “Yes” or whichever term your phone uses.
  2. Download GB WHatsapp from
  3. Install and enjoy.

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