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How to install/download Whatsapp on your phone

Whatsapp Messenger is one on the biggest social networking platforms in the world today. With over 200 million monthly active users, once can say Whatsapp is the new cool in social networking.

How To Install Whatsapp on Android phone or tablet

If you are having an Android smartphone and want to install Whatsapp on your device, here’s what to do:

  1. Head over to Google Play on your device
  2. Search for “Whatsapp”
  3. You’ll be able to see Whatsapp on the first result
  4. Click on it and click “Install”

You can install Whatsapp directly from Google Play by clicking here. If your device does not have Google Play or you are having problems opening the app, kindly head over to to do a manual download and install.

How To Install Whatsapp on iPhone or iPad

iOS users (iPhone, iPad and iPod) users can install Whatsapp by doing the following:

  1. Open iTunes online
  2. Click install

You can also open App Store on your iOS device and search for Whatsapp.

How To Install Whatsapp on Windows Phone

Search for Whatsapp on the Windows Market on your Windows Phone OS-powered device. If you don’t have the app, kindly visit for direct download.

How To Install Whatsapp on Symbian

Whatsapp is also compatible for a list of Symbian phones.

Symbian users can open and see if it’s available for their smartphone. If available, click on download and install following the installation instructions.

How To Install Whatsapp on Java phone

Nokia S40 phones can be loaded with Whatsapp. Users can install the compatible version for their phone by visiting or by using Ovi Store preloaded on their device.


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