How to invite people & grow your Whatsapp group members using invite link

Whatsapp is a messenger app which is among the most commonly used  social media software in the world.It is written in Erlang programming language and was released about a decade ago. It also offers its users wide range of benefits such as:

  • Sending and receiving information
  • Transferring of files from one device to another
  • Group chatting, etc

Group chatting as one of the benefits of  whatsapp involve a group of people chatting together. You might also need  to create whatsapp group when you have to  convey information  to friends, family, business partner,colleagues and work mates. When creating a whatsapp group chat,you need to add members which can be your intended audience or participants.

When adding members as the group admin, you may encounter some difficulties especially if you are using the method of first saving phone numbers of  participants on  your smartphone  before adding theses contacts  to the whatsapp group.This method is stressful and waste a lot of time.

But the easy and fast method of adding participants to a whatsapp group chat is  via  whatsapp group invite link.

Group admins are known for adding numbers manually  to the group, but if you utilize the use of  invite link, any member can  bring in new participant without necessarily obtaining the permission of the administrator


Requirements For creating a Whatsapp Group Invite Link

To create a Whatsapp group invite link, you must ensure the following:

  • You have the latest version of Whatsapp messenger on your smartphone
  • You have to be  the Admin of the Whatsapp group  to create the link for new members

Note: You can download the latest version of Whatsapp from Google Play or Apple store.

Steps to Create a Whatsapp Group Invite Link

The steps include:

  • Launch the Whatsapp app
  • Go to the Group you want to invite members to
  • Click on the three-dotted menu that is at the top right part of the screen
    How to invite people & grow your Whatsapp group members using invite link Simple Tutorials  Whatsapp social media groups
  • Select Group Info from the next page.
  • Select Invite via link from the next page.
  • Then you will see your invite link has now been created.
  • Below this link, you are now presented with 4 options:Send link via Whatsapp, Copy link, Share link, as well as Revoke link.
  • You can now copy and share the link to wherever you want. Whenever someone clicks on the link he will automatically join your group (unless your Group Privacy has been set to “Nobody”).

You should know that the invite link will no longer be valid once the 256 members limit has been exceeded.

Benefits of Whatsapp Group invite Link

  • As the Admin, you can remove any unwanted member
  • Any interested person can join the group by simply clicking on the invite link
  • Easy adding of any contact to the group without the need to  add their phone numbers manually from your contact
  • Any interested person can join the group without your approval.

How the  Group Feature Works

If a Whatsapp administrator is trying to add you to their group, they first need to send a request to you through a private message to request your permission.It is only after getting your consent,they can go  ahead to add you  to the group.This gives you right to choose the group you would like to be added to and you only have 3 days(72 hours) to make your decision on the group invite before it expires.

Steps to Activate the Group Feature on Your Device

  • Start by heading to settings on your Whatsapp app
  • Hit Account
  • Choose Groups option
  • Here,you will see 3 options:”Nobody”, “My Contacts”, or Everyone”.
  • To allow people obtain your permission before they add you to their group, you  should click on the “Nobody” option


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