Monday, June 1

How to make computer to run and perform faster? (Fix for PC slowdown)

In an ideal manner, there are many issues or problems that can cause as well as the effect a computer or Desktop to run slow.  Therefore, some steps to be followed for enhancing computer performance are discussed below:

  • Reboot: Individual should reboot their computer or Desktop for making their computer run fast as well in a flawless manner.
  • Delete the temporary files: In essence, deleting this temporary file will help to improve as well as enhance the computer functions and performance. Moreover, a user can delete this temporary file by using Windows Disk Cleanup utility application or software.
  • Background programs: Such programs are one of the major reasons for a slow desktop. On the other hand, the user can disable or remove this program with the help of startup programs as well as TSRs. In addition, a scan can make a computer run faster and help to improve its functions.
  • Clear hard drive space: In an ideal manner, the free space or available space allows the desktop to have a perfect room for the temporary files as well as swap files to increase in size such as regaining Desktop hard drive space and determining free hard drive space.
  • Avoid corrupted or fragmented, bad hard drive: Run an application or software such as Scandisk, check disk as well as something equivalent for checking that there is nothing wrong with their desktop drive or hard disk. Moreover, users can run Defrag for making insured in respect of data arrangement. On the other hand, one can go for software tools, which simply help to check the hard drive for any minor to major errors.
  • Scan the computer from malware on a regular basis: As a matter of fact, malware, as well as spyware are the two most major causes of many desktop problems like to include a slow Desktop. On the other hand, run software to scan malware on the desktop for making their computer run and perform fast. For this reason, run a free version of Malwarebytes for scanning their Desktop in respect of Malware virus.

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