Sunday, September 20

How to opt out of Glo Nigeria’s Auto Borrow programme

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to mobile phone users is running out of airtime when you need it the most. You might be making an important call, and your credit fails you. You might have a pressing need or information to convey / source and you’ll discover that you’ve run out of airtime. Many a times too, you might want to perform an airtime-based operation but your mobile account balance would just deny you. This is where network providers have gotten their ways right and introduced an airtime borrowing plan, with Globacom implementing the Borrow Me Credit service.

This Borrow Me Service is exclusive to subscribers on the Globacom network only and allows you to request airtime when you run out, anytime and anywhere. Allowing you to borrow fixed amounts of #50, #100, #200, #500 and #1000 (with rates applicable) which would be payable over the next recharge / recharges, this feature comes with the auto or manual borrow top-up.

The auto top-up ensures that when you run out of credit, the system automatically credits you with airtime. This helps you to ensure continuity during your calls and you never run out of airtime. The glitch in this feature is that the auto borrow is sometimes slow, leaving you at the mercy of other airtime vendors before you get credited.

Therefore, to opt out of this auto-borrow programme, simply dial the shortcode *321#. A list of options come up. Send ‘1’ to perform operations on the Auto Borrow platform and then ‘2’ to cancel your plan. The system should then notify you of your plan cancellation by SMS.
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