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How To Publish Adsense Ads on my Blog’s Mobile View Using Mobstac

How To Publish Adsense Ads on my Blog's Mobile View Using Mobstac Simple Tutorials Technology: General
Mobstac is the best way (so far) to create a mobile version of your existing blog while publishing customized adverts on the wapsite.
Bloggers often feel discouraged from using the default Blogger mobile templates because of the ‘powered by Blogger’ link on the bottom of the templates plus the fact that Bloggers can’t publish Adsense(or any other) adverts using the default templates.
That was why Mobstac was created – to allow you create a customized mobile site for your blog or website while publishing desired adverts on it.
So far, there has not been any close alternative to Mobstac.

How can I display Google Adsense adverts on my Mobstac wapsite?

1. Login to your Adsense account at
Copy your publisher id code from the top corner of the Adsense dashboard, the publisher id should look something like this – pub-22222222222222.
2. Login to your Mobstac mobile site’s control panel –
3. Hit the Advertising tab, tick the desired positions for the Adsense adverts – Top of page, bottom of the page or both(not advised).
4. Choose Google Adsense, paste the publisher and channel(optional) ids respectively in the form.
Click on Save advertisment settings.

You can read more on Using Mobstac to create a mobile site and 5 more things to know about Mobstac
If you haven’t started using Mobstac on your blog yet, I suggest you do because Mobstac is a very cute way to monetize your blog’s mobile traffic.

*note: Basic(free) users are subject to 40-60 revenue sharing with Mobstac when displaying Adsense advertisments –
Statistics for your Mobstac mobile site’s revenue is shown under Adsense for Mobile section in Adsense.
Apart from Adsense for Mobile ads., you can also publish Inmobi and Admob ads. on your Mobstac mobile site but this feature is only available when you are using the premium(paid) version of Mobstac.

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