Friday, November 27

How To Record iPhone Calls For Free (without app)

Recording calls may be for different reasons however, on the Apple platform, doing so may be very tricky and needs proper understanding of what to and what not to do.

Getting this task done on Android platform is a pretty simple task but on iPhones, there are some applications available but all are either paid or don’t work.

To record phone calls for free on your iPhone, all you need to is get your Mac ready.

  1. Check whether your Mac is set to make and receive calls using your iPhone
  2. On your iPhone, access the Settings and locate Phone then toggle on the Calls on Other Devices option to Allow.
  3. Switch the Allow Calls On tab to activate for Mac.
  4. Connect your iPhone and Mac to the same Wi-Fi network and sign in to the same iCloud account on both devices.
  5. Sign in to Facetime using the same iCloud account on both the iPhone and Mac
  6. Make sure your phone is near your Mac with the Bluetooth switched on.
  7. Once you receive a call on the iPhone, a notification bar will pop up on the Mac allowing you to answer the call from the computer.
  8. You can also initiate calls from the computer for recording purposes.

This platform however strongly advise users against unauthorized recording of phone conversations.


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