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How To Run 2go And Other Java Aps On PC

How To Run 2go And Other Java Aps On PC Simple Tutorials Technology: General
It’s no longer news that you can run your Java(.jar) applications on your Windows computer.
Whenever I download mobile apps I usually test the Java midlets on my PC before transfering them to my phone.
Sometimes I get so carried away by playing mobile phone Java games on my PC, it’s crazy huh?
I even run my 2go messenger on my PC — 2go is also a Java application.

How Do I Run Jar Files On My PC?

Introducing, Micro Emulator..
MicroEmulator is a pure Java implementation of Java ME in Java SE.
MicroEmulator is licensed under LGPL so it is possible to link and distribute commercial software with its libraries.
To cut the long story short, Micro Emulator is a PC program that runs on Java Runtime(Windows) used for running mobile Java(J2ME) applications on a Windows computer.
MicroEmulator can run mobile applications such as Opera Mini, 2go, Facebook Chat and a host of other with the accurate screen size on a Windows computer.
To use MicroEmulator, make sure your computer has Java Runtime version 5 or later.
Click here to download Java Runtime if you don’t have Java Runtime already installed on your computer.
Click here to download MicroEmulator

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