Sunday, September 20

How to send and receive money via Paypal on Facebook Messenger

Facebook is expanding fast and this is made known via the acquisition of some top notch daily platforms to include WhatsApp which has grown to be the most widely used instant messaging platform in the world.

However, the tech company and platform seems to have other big plans as it has moved in partnership with PayPal to announce that users of the Facebook Messenger app can now send and receive money via the platform.

The announcement was made via PayPal which announced that its expansion plan has driven the company into a partnership agreement with the social media networking platform.

PayPal has now added its services on the Facebook Messenger platform allowing for P2P payments via the social media platform using the messenger application.

In order to use this feature which is applicable to personal / private chat and group chats, sender should proceed to tap on the blue Plus icon on the screen then select the green colored payment icon from where you can select PayPal as your means of payment or money transfer.

This feature is currently available in the US and for now limited to iOS users with a promise to spread to the Android platform soon.


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