Monday, June 1

How To Set-up A C-name Record

How To Set-up A C-name Record Simple Tutorials Technology: General
1. Login to your domain name’s control panel.
2. Go to Host settings.
3. You will be shown a minimum of 3 forms for the Host settings, each form should have three boxes namely:
and Record type.
Hostname is the subdomain, any subdomain you write here will be controlled by the record settings you are creating.
note: In hostname settings, @ stands for no subdomain(without www), ie

Record type is the type of record you are creating, you will find various options here namely: URL Redirect, A record, AAA(ipv6), C-name, URL frame, etc.
So simply choose C-name since you are creating a c-name record.

IP/URL is the URL or IP where the c-name record will be forwarded. Write the target c-name server or URL here.
Example of a c-name server is ( is a c-name server used for setting a custom domain via c-name records in Blogger).

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