Monday, November 30

How to set up a sucessful Fiverr account with a US profile

Many of you already know Fiverr…it is a place where you buy and sell for $5…but i tell you today that many people are making millions of naira on Fiverr..i am going to teach you how to create an account under it and start making your own cool money..

For you to sell more on Fiverr then you need to have a USA account and for you to have this you need to change your IP. I will like to advice you not to use those proxy sites out there.

If you have a PC, just download a software called Wi-free or any other VPN software like PDProxy.

Install and open Wi-free. Click on change i.p using the software and select location as USA.

Now go to click on “Join” button and fill in your details. Now you would been sent a verification link to your email in which you used to register.

Go to your email and activate it, the next is setting up your profile. After you are done, login and click on profile. Edit your profile and set your profile picture ( I will say you should use a nice picture which depicts you as oyibo a cool, hardworking guru/geek)..