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How To Set Up And Run A Succesful Web Hosting Company

According to the Wikipedia, Web hosting is one of the most, if not the most important factors on the Internet. Safe to say, without a Web host, a website cannot operate or function.

Without a Web hosting a website cannot float on air and your computer cannot download a Web page off the Internet magically. A Web host has to be there: To store and send contents of a Website to the visitor’s Internet browser when a request is made. We cannot therefore talk of Websites without mentioning Web hosting.

For anyone nursing the idea of going into the Web hosting business — hosting and securing other people’s Websites in bulk — there are lots of things you should learn.


What you should do first is to think. You need to realize there are thousands of hosting companies out there already. The small ones, the big established ones that are ready to ‘eat the competition’. And oh, not forgetting the failed ones, the ones that have succeeded to fail. You need to know why the failed ones failed, why the big ones succeed, and why the small ones are rather small. This will help you to outline your main principals in setting up and maintaining your own hosting company.

Start Small

Yes, you may have the capital but you shouldn’t dive into Web hosting like a swimmer in the Olympics . Start small, start your Web hosting company by buying a small reseller account from one of the established hosting companies. The last time I checked, a reseller account costs like 25 US Dollars per month and will allow you host around 50 customers. If after running your Web hosting company with a reseller account, you succeed on the small scale, you can now move over to getting your own servers, equipment, staff and choosing a good data center.

Customer First

Like any other business, you need to treat your customers nicely, even when the problem is caused by their own errors or lack of knowledge. You have to make sure your workers, especially customer attendants do the same.

Stay Up And Vigilant

Forget everything else, one thing that will make customers stick with your hosting company is when you have a very good service up-time. For sure, customers won’t like to host their websites with servers that randomly goes off and on. Also, make sure you announce service upgrades and server maintenance schedules to your customers in very good time to enable them make provisions before time. Make sure you place arrangements for power backup and keep an experienced team of standby engineers in case of equipment failure.


To start making huge profits and to become a big player in the hosting industry you will have the need for a bigger base of clients. You can now start promoting your Web hosting companies by advertising online, and offline where possible. A good place to run profitable PPC campaigns online is Bing Ads.

Stay Focused

You need to remain focused and watch out for changes in the game. Always be ready to face changes and challenges in the Web hosting business.

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