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How to Unzip/Unrar and Extract files on your Android smatphone/device

Hey! Friends, its a lovely time having my hands on desk to write to my lovely readers.

Its really a great honour and thank you for always been there to read! Because of you I will keep writing to make life better. So today I’d be sharing with you how to Unzip or extract Zipped files.

Now still on the mater of the day, How to unzip or extract files in zip folders with Android devices.
You need a simple and most times free application (Zip folder file manager) to achieve that on your Android. Now what you should do is listed below;

How To Unzip Files On Android:
= => On your Android, hit the Google Play store
= => Search for either Androzip or Winzip For Android
= =>Download any of them because both of them are efficient in managing your zip folder on your Android phone.
= =>After you have downloaded any of the Androzip or Winzip For Android app, launch the app and  locate the zip folder on your device that you want to unzip and unzip or extract the file(s)

Note: you can also use the available options in the Androzip or Winzip For Android app to play around with the zip folder…you can use it to unzip, copy, delete, move, compress, encrypt, search, organize your folders and files just the way you like and will do with your PC.

That is how simple it can be using your android devices to unzip a zipped document however i recommend you totally unzip the document so that you can always access the files with other apps without the need of unzipping applications and software.


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