Friday, November 27

How to use only one name on your FaceBook profile

I noticed some of my friends where using only the First name without the Last name on facebook and i imagined how real that was, I made research and good enough i found a way to do that which i’ve tried out myself and it worked.

Facebook requires users to have First and Last name but for that of the people from Indonesia, they seem to have a long name. So facebook allows users from Indonesia to use only a single name and leave the last name.

But I’ve seen some people which are not from Indonesia and yet they still use a single name and it baffles me a lot, I’ll guide you through to get it done in less than 5 minutes.

Because it is only available to Indonesians so we have to change our ip to that of theirs for FaceBook to think that we are also Indonesians

  1. Visit
  2. Select Indonesia from the country list and click on search.Then a list of all indonesia proxy will show up, select any of the proxy listed on the page,
  3. Now open your browser, preferably Firefox, then click on settings/options. And select manual proxy configuration and fill the boxes and then press save and restart your browser.
  4. Log on to your Facebook account and go to Account settings
  5. Now facebook will think we are indonesians. In the Account Settings page, click on Language.
  6. Select Bahasa Indonesia In the drop-down menu and Click Save Changes.
  7. Click on your name i.e the edit link in front of it.
  8. Write whatever name you want to display in the first box and clear the last name box, enter your password and save changes.

You are done, now change language back to English..
Make sure to reset your browser I.P address.
Thats all …
Good luck ..