Wednesday, November 25

How to use your Nokia phone as modem for Internet connection on PC

Do you know that you can use your phone as modem to browse the internet on your PC? Not everyone knows that you can easily connect your phone to the system and use it as modem even without installing any phone-desktop manager.

First, you can achieve that using your Bluetooth connection, by simply setting up the Bluetooth connection from your network places in the control panel and then connecting to the web with your phone Bluetooth.

Secondly, the most recommended because of the speed of the data transfer, using your USB cable, you can connect by following the steps below;
==>Connect your phone to the system with a USB cable
==>Depending on the type of phone that you are using, if prompted, do not choose mass storage or PC suite, choose other mode which could be OVI suite, media transfer etc.
==>Click on the network icon at the bottom right of your task bar, and note that if you have already set up network connections in the past, the available networks that you have set up will appear and what you have to do is to choose on the network that is applicable and click connect.

If you have no network set up before, you can quickly set up a network before connecting your phone by simply following the step below;
==>Go to your computer control panel
==>Under network and internet there in your computer control panel, click on connect to the internet
==>A box will pop out, there choose the create a new connection then click next and choose dial-up
==>In the dial-up dialog box that will appear, there fill *99# for dial-up phone number, then
wap in both the username and password field (both can be left blank).

In the connection name, you can give it whatever you want, like MTN 3G, GlO, AIRTEl, DIAL-UP or just any name that suits you. From there, click the connect button. It will try to connect but it will fail, and when it fails, you will see a tab asking you to set up the connection anyway. Click the tab and you have successfully set up a dial-up connection.
You can now connect your phone to your computer, then click on the small network icon at the bottom right of your task bar, the network you just finished setting up will appear, point your mouse to it and right click to view connection properties, there you will see all the available connections and modems present under the general tab, then what you should do now is just to choose your own phone connection by checking the box before it and then you press the OK tab below.

Then you now go back and make your connection with that particular network that you set up by just clicking the connect button, after that, a box will come up, then you will just click on the dial tab and that’s all, it will now connect and you can now use it to browse if you have credits in your SIM or if you are subscribed to an Internet data bundle.

It’s that simple however, if you have any challenges or you encounter any problem while trying to activate this set up you can leave a comment below and it will surely be solved.


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