How To View Saved WiFi Passwords on Android and iPhone


It is very common to see public places like malls, cafes,offices that offers free WiFi  to their customers.Which you can view their passwords easily if you are with laptop but is a kind of difficult for smartphones to access the codes.

People who are interested in using the WiFi  but find it difficult may ask the staff but it is faster to retrieve  the passwords from the smartphone if you can.

Therefore, this program will also teach  and guide you on how to recover WiFi passwords for networks which you have used  in the past.

How To  View Saved Passwords on iOS Devices

Steps in Viewing saved passwords on iOS devices include:

  • Install Network list from Cydia
  • Head to WiFi  settings and tap on the Network Password icon. If your device runs on iOS 7, tap known Networks to see all the networks saved on the device
  • In this area, you will be able to view the passwords, but you cannot copy and paste the text message.

How To View Saved Passwords on  Android Devices

You can  use Explorer for Android since we cannot work with the reinstalled file explorer.

The steps include:

  • Launch the app, scroll to a root folder in your file explorer and take the directory titled data
  • Tap the data directory, scroll to the data/misc/WiFi folder,tap  and choose the Wpa_supplicant.conf file. we  advise you perform this task with File Explorer on board text/HTML viewer.
  • At this point, you should be able to view the network SSID and their password. Search for SSID (network name) and copy or write down the name of the password beside it.
  • Do not edit the file as it might affect the WiFi connectivity.


Please take note that  jailbreak or rooting might cause device instability and prevent  you from receiving security updates. However with the above listed steps you can view saved WiFi passwords on your Android or iOS.

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