Monday, June 1

Android and PC users can listen to Apple Beats 1 radio too

The mobile scene has been awash in the last couple of days with Apple news. From Taylor Swift’s open love letter to the releasing of and Apple Music and Beats 1 radio. In fact, it’s been all love for Apple all through, with almost nothing to show for Android users.

While the launch of Meizu’s and flagships were big events to talk about in the Android ecosystem, Apple’s popularity still reigns supreme in the mobile industry for now. So, if you cannot beat them why not join them?

Anchored by DJ Zowe, Bero Darden and Nigerian-born OAP Julie Adenuga, you can still have a taste of Apple’s Beat 1 radio even if you are using an Android smartphone or you prefer to surf the world web with your PC.

How to listen to Beats 1 radio on Android

  • Go to this web page with your flash-enabled browser (Chrome, Android┬ádefault Internet app)
  • That’s all, enjoy while lasts because Apple will definitely put this out faster than a matchstick flame.


How to listen to Beats 1 radio on PC

  • Use an emulator (search for Default User Agent add on) to set your browser (Mozilla, Chrome) to an Android phone user agent
  • Head over to the fore-mentioned link.

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