Monday, September 21

Huawei successfully tests 5G broadband with 3.4Gbps download speed

Huawei, one of the leading smartphone brands that is dominating the market in its own rights, is set to take the bull by its horns and also, by surprise with its latest development.

Huawei recently tested what is believed to be its 5G network worldwide and the results got therein were so favorable that the smartphone giant has plans to release it in the coming future already.

The field trial of the 5G radio access technology which was conducted in conjunction with NTT Docomo is the world’s first large scale Multi User MIMO technology test. The test featured a connectivity of 24 devices in a macro-cell environment.

The average downlink value of an MIMO strip is rated to be around 1.34Gbps, subsequently holding its own in the downloads speed by recording an impressive 3.4Gbps. This latter value which represents the download peak is obtained under the conditions of an 100MHz ultra wide brand channel. Reportedly, these speeds recorded are much more than the values that would be obtained had a Single User MIMO technology been used.

Huawei has planned on releasing its 5G technology in the nearest future, citing the year 2018. Aiming to partner up with others in order to change the technology industry, these 5G bands would be available for commercial consumption by year 2020.

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