Sunday, September 27

Hurray developers!: Google increases app upload limit on Play Store

The Google Play Store has been around for a while and has established itself as the go-to place for Android users when it comes to Games and Applications for different reasons. It has constituted the online hub of mobile entertainment for Android users spanning years. One of the restraints operated by the Play Store, which was still effective prior to yesterday has been reviewed and changed by the Google Team.

There has been a 50MB upload limit on apps that are allowed in the Play Store. This has been around for a while and this restriction was introduced to encourage game and app developers to write better quality and efficient codes.

The app-limit review was introduced to help developers publish multiple APKs now, helping to cater for selected devices and helping the users of high-end Android devices take full advantage of the advanced capabilities thus provided.

The Play Store has now been equipped to inform users when their downloads exceed the newly introduced 100MB threshold. The review has ensured that devices running on Android versions of 3.2 and lower still have their download limit set at 50MB while those running higher android versions can now download APKs up to 100MB.

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