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Identifying fake/clone and original mobile phones

The globe is awash with the cell phone boom. According to research firm GfK, 1.2 billion smartphones were sold in 2014 and another billion is expected to be shipped in 2015. Amongst all these devices, the majority comprises of the original ones yet fake phones always tend to find their way into unsuspecting buyers’ pockets, causing monetary loss and sometimes pose hazard to the lives of the users. Today, we are going to find out how to separate the sheep from the goat. Let’s get underway.

How to spot and avoid fake phones

Trusted sellers: It’s always safe to purchase electronics from trusted retailers and where possible, find the consumer store of the affected brand to make your purchase. For example, you’ll find MBuild qualityicrosoft and Samsung stores scattered across major cities in the country, however, in the absence of these, ask your way around to the trusted phone dealers in the area.

Buying phones online can also be a drama when you don’t make your purchase from trusted dealers. In a scenario where the option is available, always select Pay On Delivery method when buying things online.

Check price vs specs: When setting out to buy a phone, always make a research on the average price of the product you want to buy and hey, don’t buy a Nokia Lumia 930 (for example) with 41-megapixel camera and 5-inches 1080p screen for $50/10,000 naira, it’s obviously fake. Check the price and specs of the handset at home before racing to make a purchase to know when you are about to get swindled.

Dual SIM: Most fake phones have dual SIM. Check if the phone model you want to buy actually has a dual SIM model if you are presented with a dual SIM chinko.

Build quality: Carry out a physical inspection of the phone you are about to buy. If it’s a store where you are allowed to touch the device before paying, check to confirm if the materials are original and try accessing the phone.

Conclusion: That’s it folks. Always look out when buying a mobile phone or any electronics to avoid being hoodwinked into paying for a fake/clone product. If you still can’t trust yourself into knowing these things, take somebody you can trust who has a good knowledge of mobile phones. It can cost a bit but that should save all the drama that should occur when you buy a fake phone.

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  • kennedy dave

    I beg to know….i so much want to buy the infinix hot note x551…but i just realised that the home key and the other two at the bottom…dont have this phone a chinko?????

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