Monday, April 19

iFamCare gives you remote monitoring access to your home

The iBaby was launched sometimes ago from the stables of iBaby Labs, Inc., and this application proved to be a huge success which went as far as to put the minds of parents at rest whenever they left their babies home to a nanny or kids to a babysitter. The application, linked to camera(s) around the home helps to remote monitor the activities of your children and their guardian while you are away.

iBaby Labs has then been in the works again and they’ve come out with a most recent innovation to add to their already impressive rĂ©sume. This they have named the iFamCare.

The iFamCare offers a more extensive service as opposed to the iBaby, helping to keep watch over the entire home while you are away. Dubbed “The Helmet” because of the striking resemblance, the iFamCare can be used to call pets into the viewing area via a connected speakerphone system and even point lasers randomly at places.

The Helmet comes with a motion sensor and sound sensor likewise with which you can sense unusual activities around the house in your absence. Equipped with video monitoring and recording features, iFamCare can help record videos even up to 1080p quality and a memory card slot on board allows you to expand its media storage memory. You can programme the iFamCare to start video recording as soon as it detects suspicious activity.

iFamCare has been designed to run on both Android and iOS platforms and it currently sells for $149 on . Pre-orders are being accepted now and shipping starts mid-November.

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