Wednesday, August 5

iKasuwa launches, hopes to become Nigeria’s Amazon

Gone are the days when the white man’s jokes on “Put whatever you do not want a black man to know in a book” was true. Now, Africans have truly grappled the power that comes with reading and with insatiable desire, not making us want to let go.

iKasuwa is an online multi-seller book market and seeing the crave we have for books, have decided to satisfy this desire of ours by bringing books to our consumption in Nigeria. The platform, which was just launched in Nigeria, hopes to become the Amazon equivalent in services it would be providing within the country.

The platform is relatively easy to use for both authors and publishers. Having an account or creating one, you can proceed to the publishing of your book which would be up there for exhibition. On request of sale, these books would be delivered to the interested customers without hassle by trusted vendors on the iKasuwa platform. Payment is also secure, making use of PayPal and VoguePay to ensure and endorse your payments.

Speaking on the launch is the Chief Executive Officer of Stone Age Media (who are also the owners of the iKasuwa platform) in person of Mr Adetayo Adegbenle who said “With the launch of iKasuwa, it is now possible for publishers, authors, and booksellers to make available their catalog while book buyers can search through and make purchases easily.”

iKasuwa is coined from an Hausa word and English abbreviation, the ‘I’ standing for internet and ‘Kasuwa’ being the Hausa word for market.

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