Thursday, January 21

incuBeta finalises merger deal worth R1.5 billion with DQ&A

incuBeta is a digital marketing platform that operates out of South Africa and have recently announced that they would be merging up with a much larger DQ&A which is a Netherland-based company and this deal is reportedly worth some massive R1.5 billion.

incuBeta is in no way a newbie to the digital marketing and advertisement market as they were founded and established in the year 1995, meaning that the business has been around for some 20 years now. incuBeta has also grown its business well, so much that they generate a reported R500 million as annual revenues. There were even reports to indicate that before this merger was announced, the company had hoped to hit the R1 billion yearly revenues mark before going for the option of a public offering.

The merger has now increased the workforce and financial base of both companies, now having about 400 members of staff on the regular and about 13 offices all over the world likewise. The merger would also see both companies improve in their capabilities to provide digital marketing services, search and web analytics and programmatic media.

“We have created one of the world’s largest, independent, international groups of digital agencies,” the CEO of DQ&A media group has said. He added that “From a geographical, services and products perspective, we are
100% complementary.”

The CEO of incuBeta, Alan Lipschitz, has on the other hand spoken of the merger as a means of offering to their clients some higher level of innovation.

“The evolving digital market requires companies that understand the technology, are data leaders, and who can give clients a performance-driven solution that results from an integrated approach to search, display and other digital services. There is now increased depth of talent in our combined teams, with real world innovation and numerous thought leaders in our space.”

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