Sunday, September 27

Infinix Hot 2 battery not lasting enough? Stronger battery is coming

Infinix hit the smartphone market silently in its first year of launch into Africa but since then has taken the other way round as they have been making big rounds in the smartphone and technology industry. This year alone saw releases of smartphones that have generated lots of buzz from the social media and the users alike. Following the success recorded with the release of the Infinix Hot — with awesome specs and an amazingly pocket-friendly price which gave users a good bargain for their money — Infinix proceeded to launch the Infinix Hot Note and Infinix Hot 2, the latter being the first Android One phone to be launched in Nigeria.

The releases of these two flagship devices in the line of Infinix Hot Smartphones did not disappoint as they also lived up to the hype that had been generated before their releases. With both devices featuring awesome specs and Infinix further stunning the market with its considerate price tags, the African market could just not have enough of them.

Following the new releases though were a series of complaints about the battery life of the Infinix Hot 2. The phone, built to handle a lot of high power jobs with its highly capable quad-core processor, 2200mAh of battery strength was then just too small for users to enjoy the full functionality of their device for extended periods of time. The brand however listened to the complaints of its customers by replying with the release of a 3000mAh battery for their customers.

This is expected to elongate the original battery lifetime that has been enjoyed on the Infinix Hot 2 mobiles prior released. Although it is presently unclear whether plans have been made for users of the Infinix Not 2 to have the new batteries at zero cost, the production and introduction of the 3000mAh capacity battery is enough ray of hope for the users and shows that Infinix really cares.

Source : TechPoint

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