Wednesday, September 23

Innjoo One Leap 3G users: Before you go LOLLIPOP!

Many of you may be aware of the recent line of development that has seen to it that the from its former stock KitKat Android Version to the Lollipop. Many users, excited by this, have taken up the baton and raced to the frontline of the upgrades. While its a nice thing to update the features of your phone, giving it better outlook and being capable of doing other cool stuffs on it, many users of the Innjoo Leap 3G have come back from their upgrades with a tale of woes to tell.

Many users have complained on the phone getting stuck on its Android welcome screen and refusing to go further. A wide variety of options have been used to correct this, even rebooting, but the problem remains there, persistent.

A user from one of Nigeria’s most populous online forum, Nairaland, narrated his own ordeal as follows…

      “Over the weekend, I stumbled on the firmware upgrade on their official website and of course proceeded to flash the ROM into my Innjoo ONE device since I have been anticipating to using the Latest version of Android (lollipop) on my device. Of course, it wasn’t my first time doing just that. I upgraded my ROM just lately with upgrade they publish before the lollipop sometimes in July/August I think. Well, I flashed the ROM into my device and ended up with a BootLoop; it could not just go beyond the Lollipop welcome Screen (wizard setup). It kept on rebooting… I thought some fragments got missing during the downloads so I proceeded to download again this time without pausing or interfering with it in whichever way, Flashed again and got still same issue…. Lo & Behold, I realized I messed up but was it supposed to be more messy since I had no ROM backup….”

This means that having a KitKat ROM backed up somewhere would do more good than harm as it would come in handy when the device fails to load on the Lollipop OS.

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