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Inserting Adsense, Inmobi, Buzzcity And Other Ads Into WordPress Mobile (MobilePress)

With many of my readers accessing my blog via mobile phones, I couldn’t ignore the fact that I needed a stable mobile version for the blog. I was still reflecting on the options available until Mobstac hit me hard — they discontinued the free version of their mobile version service.
For the past couple of months, I had been using Mobstac conviniently to provide my mobile readers a good looking mobile version of my blog while displaying Adsense adverts on the blog. I was quite happy with the services Mobstac offered until they discontinued their free plan.
As a WordPress blogger, I naturally have loads and loads of options when choosing plugins. All I wanted was to create, customize and manage a stable mobile site/version of my blog.
There were lots of WordPress plugins available for creating a mobile sites for a blog.

Here Are The Top WordPress Mobile Plugins:

WP Mobile Pack,
WP touch,
WordPress Mobile Edition.

I decided to do my thing with the Mobilepress plugin. Why?
Mobilepress looked simple to customize. But more importantly, on the MobilePress installation page, I noticed that I could place ads on a created mobile site using

“Integration with enables you to serve ads from some of the
biggest mobile ad networks such as
Admob, Quattro Wireless, Buzzcity and
InMobi. You can also serve you own
managed ads. You will also be able to
track your visitors every move with Aduity analytics.”

Installing the Mobilepress plugin ran easily and smoothly. I proceeded to placing mobile ads on the mobile blog only to discover that wasn’t opening. I ran a Google search and confirmed the Aduity problem was no new development. I decided to go techie. All I did was to place the ads directly inside the Mobilepress header and footer files.
Even Though I wasn’t new to PHP but sincerely talking, this operation can easily be carried out by anybody.

How To Place Mobile Ads On Mobilepress

1. Login to your Adsense dashboard. Generate the Adsense For Mobile ad code by navigating to My Ads> Mobile units>New Mobile Ad Unit. Copy out the generated code.
2. Access your WordPress files via your hosting control panel’s filemanager or FTP.
3. Navigate to wp-content>plugins>mobilepress>system>themes>default (wp-content/plugins/mobilepress/system/themes/default).
4. Open and edit the header.php file.
5. Inserting Adsense, Inmobi, Buzzcity And Other Ads Into Wordpress Mobile (MobilePress) Simple Tutorials Technology: General
Go to the last line of the header.php code and replace
<div class=”aduity”><?php mopr_ad(‘top’); ?></div>
<div class=”aduity”><YOUR GENERATED PHP AD CODE</div>.
YOUR GENERATED PHP AD CODE is the ad code you generated at Adsense (on Step 1). ie replace YOUR GENERATED PHP AD CODE with the adcode you generated at Adsense.
Note: There are other good mobile ad networks you could use apart from Google Adsense.

Now, you should see Adsense ads on your blog when you access it via a mobile browser like mine below.
Inserting Adsense, Inmobi, Buzzcity And Other Ads Into Wordpress Mobile (MobilePress) Simple Tutorials Technology: General
For other mobile ad networks like Inmobi, Adiquity, Buzzcity, etc., a similar process is required.
Login to the respective ad network’s dashboard, generate, copy the mobile ad code and repeat Step 2 to Step 5.
Read Best Mobile Ad Networks to see the best ad networks you can use to monetize your mobile site.

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