iOS 11.1 to come with hundreds of new emojis

Apple has been working hard on the iOS 11 software and it has in fact released an update to the OS some days ago, however, the last has not been heard of the Apple iOS release as recent information reveals that the tech company is working on many more integrations for the OS update push.

Latest information which surfaced online indicates that the iOS 11 which launched last month will get an iOS 11.1 update which will come into the market packing a variety of new emojis.

The company, Apple, today, officially revealed that the iOS 11,1 OS update will come into the market packing hundreds of new emojis including a woman with headscarf, bearded person most likely a man, breastfeeding person, a zombie, person in lotus position and more food items.

The food item category comes with coconuts and others.

The iOS 11.1 will also come with support for saying precious words like I Love You using an emoji which is designed after the hand sign in American Sign Language.

All the latest emojis which will come with the OS update has however been certified to be a part of the Unicode 10.

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