Tuesday, January 19

Is Google trying to abandon “Android One” ship?

Google launched the Android One programme earlier in a bid to cater to the needs of smartphone users that would like an Android but wouldn’t be able to afford one. With the Android One programme, high end mobile phones are produced at totally low costs for users to enjoy the Android platform in an undiluted form. The Android One has then gone up to be successful with devices such as Infinix Hot 2 selling fast and hot (no pun intended) in the Nigerian market so far, and so this makes it one of the most laudable initiatives from Google.

The Android One platform was first launched in India and it didn’t accrue to much. This would be largely because the device was launched for sale online and this meant that only the elite could gain access to ordering one, cutting back on the potential buyers by a large percentage in that regards.

Is Google trying to abandon "Android One" ship? Technology: General
Android One phones: Spice Dream Uno, Micromax A1, Karbonn Sparkle V and Infinix Hot 2 (L-R).

It is also not news that Google is kind of strict on the details of the hardware employed in the making of its Android One devices which made it hard for even manufacturers to distinguish their own device from that of others. However, in a new released, Google has said that

“Android One phones receive the latest version of Android from Google’s hardware partners. Google’s partners send updates based on their schedule – trying to get them to you as soon as possible. All partners have committed to provide software updates for at least eighteen months after the phone’s initial public launch. This means that all phones will receive at least one major software update and several smaller security updates.”

Reading between the lines there, its like Google is trying to abandon ship and blame the failure of the Android One programme on some fluke event. Or is it not?

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