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Is Lexus the number one luxury car in the world?

Is Lexus the number one luxury car in the world? AutosWith its creation as the luxury car arm of Toyota in 1989, like a Mission Impossible stunt, Lexus has shot into limelight and has remained on everyone’s lips since then.

Before the advent of Lexus, not many believed that Asians, especially the Japanese could make really nice luxurious cars that will not only compete but would try to oust the German machines like Mercedes and BMW from the throne of luxurious vehicles. The people behind Lexus have remained keen to keep pushing the brand to higher levels with each passing day, such that over 327,838 units of Lexus-labeled cars were sold in the first six months of 2018.

As things get more interesting, word on the street is that Lexus has become one of the best, if not the best, among the well-known household luxury car brands.

Is Lexus the number one luxury car in the world?


Is Lexus the number one luxury car in the world? Autos
Consumer Reports’ most reliable cars of 2018.


It depends on how you see it. If you’re measuring toughness and ability to not disappoint, Consumer Reports says that Lexus is their most reliable vehicle brand of 2018, followed by (guess who?) Toyota.

Lexus with an average reliability score of 78 out of 100 beat the likes of  BMW, Mercedes Benz and Tesla into 8th, 17th and 23rd positions respectively.

Moving away from the report, we checked to see what WhatCar has in stock in terms of its list of most reliable car companies of 2018 and we found out that the car blog thinks Suzuki is the best in terms of reliability. Again, Lexus wasn’t doing as it notched the second position in the list, with its parent company Toyota trailing closely at 3rd position.

Having driven two Lexus SUVs (an RX330 and an R350), I wouldn’t say the two reports are too far off the mark. Lexus/Toyota cars are just damn too reliable.

Design – Exterior

One thing many car fans don’t like about Lexus exterior looks post-2016 is the massive front grill which has earned some of their cars (especially the RX350) a “Predator” nick. Yet, this same design is why some other fans like the current crop of Lexus vehicles as it stands out from other cars entirely. To be frank, I didn’t like the massive grill at first but I later came to have a soft spot for it.

Design – Interior

Inside each Lexus car (especially the new ones), you’ll find hand-woven distinctively designed leather upholstery and a finish that really screams. However, one thing I don’t like about Lexus is that they dropped their usual Toyota gear selection for one that’s covered with leather at the base.


Lexus works. I have hardly seen a gimmick feature on the two Lexus I have driven although we wouldn’t know what could happen in the future.


Lexus cars might be fast for their price contemporaries but they’re not quite as sharp as the BMWs and the Mercs on the drag race tracks. Even their US$465,000 Lexus LFA Nurburgring was no match for a McLaren MP4-12C, Lamborghini Aventador, let alone the Bugatti Veyron when the guys at Motor Trend Channel put all four on a racing track.


If you’re looking for a well-price luxury sedan, coupe or SUV to buy for your day-to-day activities, the long range of Lexus Es, Is, Ls, Nx, Rx, Gx and Lx could be your lasting solution. Its no secret that Lexus offers a reasonable bang for the buck. On the other hand, people who are looking for something quite more adventure can look elsewhere because at the end of the day, what matters is the car that gives you a fulfilment.

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