Tuesday, September 22

Is Samsung ditching Gorilla glass for its own Turtle glass?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is not expected until March 2016, but rumors have it that it will be the first of its kind – an all-metal handset, classier and lighter than all its predecessors. If the rumors are true, then Samsung might be parting ways with the acclaimed Corning Gorilla Glass and introducing its own Turtle Glass. Reports from Korean websites claim that the mobile giant has already filed for trademark rights to the highly anticipated Turtle Glass as they look to part ways with Gorilla Glass.

Is Samsung ditching Gorilla glass for its own Turtle glass? Technology: General

There is speculation that the new Turtle Glass might be unveiled with the Samsung Galaxy S7 next year. Some tech enthusiasts think that the revelation of Turtle Glass will be alongside Project Valley – a rumored foldable smartphone in the works. However, reports also indicate that Samsung may selectively use Corning Gorilla Glass in some of its products while testing out its own Turtle Glass in others.

Corning also unveiled their new project dubbed Project Phire, which offers the scratch resistance of sapphire and the toughness of Gorilla Glass 4. James Clappin of the Corning Company hailed the new product’s toughness to drops and its resistance to scratches.

As the two companies battle it out, only time will tell who’s tougher – Turtles or Gorillas.

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