Isaac Mizhari Smartwatch For Women on the Go

Fashion and technology are among the things that women are attracted to. With the innovations being made nowadays, these two can easily be merged, giving modern women a chance to hit two birds with one stone.

Engineered by HP, the Isaac Mizrahi smartwatch is perfect for fashionable on-the-go women. The smartwatch is designed to offer women with style and class, infused with the classic, chunky style of a menswear analogue tank watch with a touch of femininity.

Not only works as a fashion accessory, the Issac Mazrahi also has features like social media connection, message notifications and a pedometer. The analogue movement with digital display showcases a luminous color-matched dial that hides the digital display when not active and shows glowing hands.

Old-style watch battery which powers watch functionality is expected to last several years while smart capabilities last up to five days, depending on usage.

Available at a retail price of $249.99 (R4,000), the Isaac Mizrahi smartwatch is foreseen to be a hit in the market.

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