Wednesday, September 30

Jacob Zuma: “Africa’s ICT industry is fast growing”

South African president Jacob Zuma has outlined the steady growth of Africa’s ICT sector over the recent years.

Zuma who was speaking to a New Jersey, US student group known as The Pan African Students Association at Princeton University described the growth in Africa’s ICT industry as “phenomenal.” The president explained that much work remains to be carried out in the sector if Africa wishes to increase the speed of her development.

“Due to the lack of fixed line internet infrastructure, roughly 39% of mobile users access the internet via mobile,” Zuma told the students association.

But looking at the industry from another angle Zuma said, “The number of mobile phone users has multiplied 33 times to 316 million users since the year 2000.”

“The internet is spreading around Africa at an even faster pace. These trends have strong positive effects on growth.”

President Zuma outlined that more attention should be focused on the ocean for employment to be generated from what he calls “blue economy.”

“In 2010, the ocean contributed approximately R54bn to South Africa’s GDP and accounted for approximately 316 000 jobs,” he said.

“The ocean has a potential to contribute to the GDP up to R177bn,” he said. “The ocean also has a potential to contribute between 801 million direct jobs,” he added.

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