Monday, April 19

Jekalo: Uber-like carpooling platform for Lagos, Nigeria

It is an undeniable fact that Africa is well advancing in the world of technology and looks to be the fastest growing market in that regard likewise. Jekalo (Yoruba for “Let’s Go”) is a carpooling platform that was developed and run in Lagos state of Nigeria, having its base in its startup location of Lagos likewise. Jekalo is simply a platform that allows you network with other people who have cars and are going in a direction same as your to share an empty seat with you or the other way round which sees you being the one sharing seats.

Having enjoyed some success, Jekalo has now upgraded from being just an online web platform to what you can now operate from the convenience of an application. The application has gone up for use now since the 13th of October, this year.

Jekalo: Uber-like carpooling platform for Lagos, Nigeria Technology: General

The platform which was developed by Motoni Bolarinwa has helped to solve a lot of transportation issues as instead of people always waiting for the ever-busy public transport systems, those empty seats in private cars can now be put to very good use by the car owners and reduce dependency on public transports.

The application is relatively easy to use and contains a messaging feature with which you can interact with other users on the Jekalo platform, saving you the costs you would have otherwise incurred if calls were placed.

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