Monday, June 1

Jiji Smart by Safaricom places smartness in Kenyan buildings

To help solve the issue of high internet and housing costs in the country, Kenyan mobile network provider Safaricom has partnered with local real estate professionals to introduce an initiative known as Jiji.

What Jiji will do is to put up buildings with smart connectivity; these buildings will sport cabling facility for electricity and internet, saving the inhabitants the huge cost of sourcing these resources privately.

“Jiji Smart is a proposition that has been informed by the fact that the internet has revolutionized how we communicate, both in business and in social circles,” GM of Business at Safaricom, Rita Okuthe, said.

“With technological advancements, tenants in malls or offices no longer need to invest in their own cabling and other requisite ICT infrastructure.”

The project is currently overseeing the building of a 20-acre Karen infrastructure called The Hub Karen, a “smart” building with office buildings, shopping mall spaces and apartments which is billed to open in September this year.

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