Wednesday, January 20

Jovago’s MD, Marek, leaves to be “involved” in “more projects”

Marek Zmyslowki, who has been Jovago’s frontman for a while now has now announced that he has severed all working ties with the company and is now on his own. Parting on terms of a mutual agreement, Marek Zmyslowki has stated that he does not wish to be involved in only one project at once and that was what occasioned his leaving the company.

Marek has been with Jovago since the year 2013 when its operations launched in Nigeria and then had just a little over 200 hotels in its listing. Now, however, under the managerial lead of Marek, the platform can now boast a massive 6000 hotels under its listings and enjoys a very healthy competitive relationship with, another platform under the sponsorship of Africa Internet Group (AIG) that offers same service as Jovago.

Speaking on his leaving Jovago, Marek has said “I want to be involved in more than just one project, and it’s hard to do that while being an MD or CEO of an organization which usually requires 100% of your focus.” Along the line, he made it official by himself by saying “Operationally speaking, I’m not involved in Jovago anymore,”

Of a truth, Marek is involved in a lot of projects, having been silently parading himself around the start-up market as an angel investor. Currently, Market has investments in Talking Bookz – a startup based on transforming African literature into audio books; Simple Pay and

Marek also looks to join the most visible angel investment company called the Lagos Angel Network which is obviously situated in Lagos.

In his absence, the leadership of Jovago would roll over to the former Head of Revenue Management in person of Kushal Dutta.

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