Wednesday, September 23

Jumia launches revamped website to improve customer experience

Jumia is the first and foremost platform in Nigeria when it comes to online shopping and retailing and it aims to keep that to that position steadfastly. Having introduced some reforms over the years to make its services cleaner and better to both the vendors and online shoppers, Jumia has also now launched its website in a new design that would even now make transactions and interaction between buyers and sellers on the platform hassle-free.

The new website was built with the approach of servicing the needs of mobile phone users better and an interface that made cleaner-vendor interactions better.

Jumia launches revamped website to improve customer experience Technology: General

“We want to build the new Jumia platform as a home of brands where every single vendor can build its own online shop, its own universe,” Jumia CEO Jeremy Hodara siad while speaking on the new design.

The new website design introduces features such as a new easy to search and access catalogues, making it easier for people to find things they want to buy instead of wasting quality time on the platform.

Launched in Nigeria in the year 2012 with its global headquarters at Cairo of Egypt, Jumia is poised to make another bold statement in the African ecommerce sector with the latest move.

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