Sunday, September 27

Jumia’s ‘Mega TV Blast’ promo offers Up to 40% discounts on TV sales

Nigeria’s leading ecommerce platform Jumia says there’s no bether time to sit on your couch and stare at the TV than between 26th and 28th October. That’s because the outfit’s ‘Mega TV Blast’ promo is happening live during these dates.

Jumia's 'Mega TV Blast' promo offers Up to 40% discounts on TV sales Technology: General

Here’s the official press release:


There is no better time to live the life of a couch potato than in the Jumia Mega TV Blast! The MEGA TV blast will feature upto an unbelievable 40% discount on your favourite TV brands from Monday, 26th – Wednesday, 28th of October, 2015.

Stay tuned, catch all favourite TV brands and you will discover from your comfort zone that our huge assortment ensures there is a TV for every home.

Now, you have an impeccable opportunity to experience vivid colour and dramatic contrast which makes your white whiter and your blacks deeper in the MEGA TV Blast. You don’t want to miss out on the Empire series, the thrills & drills of the footballing world and keeping up with current event around you

The wheel of discount is about to be set, it would be a feast for all and believe it the discounts will be televised.

Download our mobile app or subscribe to our newsletter if you have not done that already and get up to date information about your dream TVs. Shopping for your electronics on Jumia cannot better describe the words easy and convenient.

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